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Looking for an active and understanding alliance

I’m looking to join a friendly and active alliance.

I’m still low level, level 9! :slightly_frowning_face: but want to be more active and part of an active alliance who understand that we all have real life commitments too and play as best as we can.
I play each day and make sure I do all my daily tasks and stuff.

If you think I’d be useful in your alliance then let me know.

Thank you

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Hey Jrliam,

we are slowly building up a more active alliance and welcome all who are helping out with the alliance missions. If you feel like joining, you are most welcome :slight_smile: You can find us under Slovenia in search.

Good luck otherwise!

Happy Whovians is a pretty chill alliance looking for active players. I just did a big clear out of 0 point players and have a few to go, but working on building back up. No requirements other than playing!