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Looking for an active clan - >5,600BP

Hi everyone. I’m looking to join a new and active clan. Consistently hitting between 80,000 - 120,000+ in alpha battles daily at the moment. I don’t want to join discord but am active and will participate in clan chat.


Hi @Gigi1

Unfortunately my clan requires discord but here’s a link to a spreadsheet of clans and there’s a column of whether or not they require discord. Good luck :v:


Thanks @shortySTK!


Scotland is looking for players, you can jump right in if you like. as of now has no requirements


Dang, @shortySTK :hushed: That’s a really helpful document!


Yes since we ushered in a new forum and admins it’s been my goal to unite the clans for a more positive TU community. We are fostering collaboration between clans to create a better environment for the players. @Mysterious


My clan isn’t on the list. And yet, we are a lvl 8 clan with Discord.

Did you join a clan yet? I would like to recruit you in Fury Guardians. While I prefer my members to join our external server, I don’t punish when they don’t. And well, we’re sort of in need of new recruits.

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Join us :smiley: about 17 active players. We need help with 6 star Alpha. You dont have to use discord or anything. Clan name “HaveFun” :smiley:

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You find already new clan or we can wait for you ? :smiley:

@GuLi She’s joined in my clan already :slight_smile:

Hi @Featherwing if you’d like to be on the list join the TU discord and let the admins know u are a leader. You can go into the chief’s general chat and add your clan.

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@shortySTK I’m already in the group. Had posted recruitment stuff on the previous one, didn’t post anything on the new one. Yet. I guess I’ll contact LightFury about getting in the list, thanks.

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