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Looking for aN active clan

Hey guys I just left my old clan that I’ve been apart of for about a year. I’ve been searching for a new clan but it’s really hard to find active ones now a days I was wondering if any clans are looking for new recruits or have any open spots that’d be willing to accept me. I’m looking for preferably a more active clan that way I can maximize its usefulness. In case you were wondering I’ve attached a photo of my lineup. I’m a level 14 and I have about 3100 trophies. I’m also about two weeks away from getting a Thor.

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Me too :disappointed: man it’s hard to find active alliances

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Hey, we are looking for active members. Seems like it’s hard to come by, a lot of people don’t want to put in the effort so we have a few open spots. I’ve put up a post with our info, check it out. Alliance is GreasyVelociraptors

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London Raptors are looking for a few new active players ,very friendly with just a few basic rules
Don’t duplicate requests
Don’t mix sanctuaries
Join in the alliance tournaments and defeat the 10 for the bonus points,

If you feel you can do those and are lvl 10 and over you’re welcome to apply

Sent you a message :blush:

We are a small team always looking for active players. Currently there are 4 of us but we are very active. Only rules are to do your dailies, help out with the team challenges and if your high enough level participate in the tournament. Our name is dinos4all (yeah not the best name).

image Newraptors is active and recruiting. If interested send a join request