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Looking for an active New alliance


I am looking for a new active alliance. The one I’m in at the moment only have a few active players to do the work. I’m level 15 and play every day as much as possible.
Let me know and I transfer to your alliance.


Hi jannie the land down under would be happy to have you.


We have a few spots open in Jurassic Park1! We always welcome active members.


What your alliance name :blush:


We are looking for active new players in our alliance SuuwasseaUnited. Come check us out :slight_smile:


The land down under. Happy to have you.


Can’t seem to find your alliance :roll_eyes:


My alliance is looking for more active members and just about everyone donates. We’d love to have you!

Alliance Name - JPGang


Join ClawsunitedXXL


I think the alliance that won here was the one that had nice enough manners to say hi to the person.


Sony get it


Dont get it


Jannie message me your in game
Name and number I’ll add you myself.


Why why :sob::sob::sob: I invited you a long time ago​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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