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Looking For An Aliance

I am on the game every single day, but I’m only on around 1000 cups, but I’m looking for an aliance that participates In tournaments and does weekly missions and I’m trying to find a hardcore aliance that I can hopefully stay in for the rest of my time playing the game.


I’ve just taken over as leader of an alliance and am looking to recruit people who are active and contactable outside of the game if possible. We use Telegram to communicate and share raid strategy, in game cash links etc.

It’s not a must, but it is one of the things that will help the alliance grow. We’ve got a good core group on Telegram and I’m looking to add to that with active players such as you’ve stated you are.

The fact you’re on here looking is a great start.

We’re currently full but I need to review inactives and if so I may be able to open up a slot for you.

The game is in maintenance mode at the moment so maybe we can pick this up later.

Sounds good I think

I’m really sorry but I’ve found an aliance, but if I ever need to join another one, then I know who t contact

Sorry and thankyou

No worries. All the best in your new alliance.