Looking for an alliance asap

Lvl 20, 5200+ in arena, active daily for 12-14 hrs, finish raids and tournaments.

We have a few spaces at the moment. No heavy restrictions or requirements, just ask that our members are active and complete to tournaments
Discord is ofcourse preferred but not necessary
CarlBuz#8550 or NAISHLER#5218 on discord

Why are you without an alliance at the moment?

Lost Legion is looking for active players!

We are a very active alliance on discord only, we go 9/9 minimum every week and go tier 8 for 4 weeks 9 for 5 week tournaments ( top 150 ! ) We have some strict rules about the sanctuaries so it is greatly managed by our officers / our shared alliance sanctuary is always L20, we have a themed sanctuary and a free sanctuary to all players, we are an international alliance so many different Timezones with currently over 40 active players so we are always doing raids and they are always happening ! We got daily cash bonus too all the time.

The minimum requirements are:

1- Discord communication for raids/ requests / and move sets

2- 3k trophies minimum

3- Daily battle incubators every day

4- Contributing to alliance missions as much and best as you can! We Already are doing some Farming when it’s needed it!

5- Have your 10 kills in tournament

Respecting the rules are a requirement too all we want to do is to have fun and get the most we can by working all together! We have a lot of veterans who are willing to help anyone the need help to grow, as long as you show some activities we’ll always give back some support for sure.
currently we need 3 active players that can help in tourney as well

Come on by LOST LEGION Is waiting for you
Please send requests on the discord chatroom app to KingHawashin(EST)#3830
Welcome in advance

Sent u friend request on discord

Sent you friend request on discord