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Looking for an alliance for a while

I wanted to do a “test” on alliances by staying some time in another alliance than the one I am currently I have discord I speak English I have 3485 trophy I am active but for the PvP fights I will not be able to do too much because of my connection until August 20 but I I would try to do some (I can do tournament fights) and I am very active in the game and i’m lvl 14

AncientDNA is open to new players!

Do you have PvP requirements and discord is required

Can you do the 10 kills every single week?

I can try the DBI 2 crazy per week but 1 that’s for sure

Contact Luigi#1483 on discord, and ask him about what you need… Maybe you could fit well in our alliance :slight_smile:

All we expect is for you to do your 10 kills, and not mess with our super sancs

When I mean “mess with them”, I mean, dont place creatures in them

Question leaves the report to the tournament how it goes because I made other requests and I would like to see how it is

Have you found an Alliance yet? Our alliance is Terminus, it stays full of good, active members & we’re very helpful when it comes to raids & stuff. We use Discord now but if you’re having internet troubles you can wait til you get that sorted. So if you want to join let me know here or on discord. My JWA name is IzzieCopia#6732 & my Discord is IzzieCopia#2360. If you want apex dna every week as soon as possible we can definitely get you going with that.

Disturbing Diplotators often has spaces open on Monday or Tuesday. We are an active group. Tournament participation required.

I have 2 questions about the alliance
Are you an active alliance because my previous one doesn’t have it too much
2How tournaments work out: what rank do you reach in tournaments because in my old one it was difficult to reach rank 2?

also do you know when my request will be accepted?