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Looking for an alliance for four

I am looking for an alliance I am lvl 15

Need one and I have some friends that are lvl 10 and lower that need one too and we are a package can’t just take me. :slight_smile:


Also is not strict I play it everyday the others don’t and discord is not mandatory but I can join

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes looking for active players if you are interested. leader arme84 # 1337

Our alliance welcomes you, I can make the spaces available for your friends. Please search for The Fangs of China and send your request. We are an active alliance, we have discord but the leader doesn’t make joining mandatory

Happy hunting


We are creating an alliance and have promoted positions available

I just created a new alliance and we’re looking for members! We’d be more then happy to have you. We do have a discord server.

My alliance is The Phantom ThievesX

Mr noodles search Diggies club and you and your friends would be very welcome. We have just culled non players and are building ourselves back up. Our only rule is be a player whatever your pace.

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