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Looking for an alliance for me and my son

I am looking for an alience for me and my son to join we only have 1 other active member in the one we created. I am lvl17 with 3800ish trophies. He is lvl13. I am active every day and we can usually do 2/1 in the weekly alliance by our selves. I we donate what dna we can afford to other members and are greatfull for any we receave. We are looking for a family friendly guild we can help grow, and will help us grow in the game.

Thank you for your time we hope to hear from you soon.

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I have an alliance “Cool Squad” we usually get 3/3 on the incubators and have been pretty good until now. I kicked a lot of inactive players so we have quite a few slots open. I have no requirements for joining besides that you’re active.

Check out JWA MISSOURI. My son and I started that and we we are growing. We would love to have you.

my german alliance ist called “Rentnerclub”, we are only 2 people at the moment (Lev .15)and reaching 3rd rank of exploring.
I’m looking for active players, that play every day and enjoy the game.
I will be happy to see you in my alliance.

If you have Facebook come and check out this group…awesome way to find an alliance …

If youre still looking for an alliance join Raptor Mode, we got a couple of high lvl ppl and rly rly need help in getting to lvl 4 alliance incubator. We got one spot but i would be happy to open up another slot if you and your son decide to join