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Looking for an alliance for returning player

I am a returning player with a new account
I lost access to my previous one, but here was my team before I stopped playing

I am very active and have been playing again for roughly 3 weeks

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Oof, I feel bad for you. Do u have Game Center or
Facebook. If you have game center you could have saved your game automatically but you had to log in for Facebook. You can go to in game settings and click on the Facebook or Game Center button. If your old account didn’t have that then you can save your current account with those things.

I’m not looking for a player, just was curious what returning player meant

I’m not overly fussed about starting again as there have been a lot of changes and will be able to invest in different dinos this time around
although I do miss dio, I stopped playing when dracoceratops was meta and just recently started again hence returning, meaning I have experience

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes. if you are interested. there is room for you.

I’m looking to recruit for my alliance. Still looking?

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