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Looking for an alliance! (Found one)

Hey everybody,
first of all, thanks for reading :wink:

As you all can see in the title i am looking for an alliance. Let me tell you something about me:
I am a Playerlvl 20, player from germany, i am at least 3 to 4 hours in game per day, i am willing to donate in requests what i can effort. If wished, I can provide some screenshots from ingame, with my first row of dinos and all the stuff.

What I expect from you:
Tolerance, Assistance, Teamwork in the challenges, Honesty, Activity and a warm welcome in your alliance.

So if you think your alliance could fit me, don’t hesitate to reply to this post or write me a PN.

Best regards,


Talk to @Tori_baugh

Hi Blackbeard. The Land down under would be happy to have you. We have lots of internationals not just aussies and have reached rank 5 and Rank 4 every week. Let me know if interested and I can send you an invite.

I’m running an alliance called “TheLegends”!
I’ve been running it ever since they made the update that added alliances!
We discuss team tactics, donate as much DNA as we can, and we also complete our daily missions!
We do friendly battles, and much much more! My ingame name is Master.
We dont have too many more open slots, so feel free to join! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for all the replies I got here in the topic or by PN. I can say I am overwhelmed. And I found with “The Land Down Under” an alliance.
At this point we can call this topic closed.

Greetings BlackBeard


Great choice!


Hi Every body.
Am Always in the Same alliance and i like them but i have a dilemma. Whit my work i can be actif 8hours a Day, all the level my name come out few times but i never get level 5 that why i wanna more actif alliance. Am from Belgium. I hav 3100 trophée level 14(almost 15)I can quit my alliance from monday. So Guys help if u hav actifs members please

We miss you kodiak!

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I Will be glad to be in ur team thankx., monday accept me when u see me than. Bye