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Looking for an alliance NOW


I just need tarbo and raptor DNA i can give any DNA


About 1/3 my Alliance asks for those every single day. The other 2/3 aren’t going to give because they use them too, but they are smart and ask for other DNA

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It’s hard when evrybody is working the same hybrid :frowning:


The smartest of them all are ones who always asked.
Others donate. They don’t.

When others don’t donate anymore, they leave. Look for new ones. Most likely will do the same with the new alliance.

Some will have to learn to give and take.


Laker Dinos on the Ark had one person leave to join their friends alliance this morning. We have an opening if you are still looking. I always have velo and we are a great sharing group.

I just noticed this post it’s 4 days old lol