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Looking for an alliance or maybe a new one? Look no further!


Hey all! I just want to let anyone looking to join an alliance for the first time or wanting to find one that’s more active than the one you’re currently in we have plenty of openings. We take pride in the fact that we have a very tight knit and hard working group of people. All you need to do is PM me your info and maybe drop a like so I know how you found us. You can also look us up, our alliance name is HeWasNumber1.
Meet some of our members @Asta @Wilshire1966 @Hadesobsession @Lovesdisco @Dalek62771 @GamingAnar


We would love to have anyone willing to join. :slight_smile:


I’ll take this into mind.


If you decide to join us we’d love to have you. :slight_smile:


How many openings you got? Me and my 2 boys maybe looking for a new alliance soon


We’ve got space for all three of you!


I guess I won’t be able to join then if you only have 3 spots left.

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we still have room! request to join! :smiley:

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We’ve got plenty of open spots don’t worry


We have way more than three spots, there is plenty of room. :slight_smile:

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oh okay. What is the Alliance name?

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We still have room if anyone wants to join. :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking around for a more active alliance. I’m currently in a 48 member alliance that got up to level 3 exploration and level 2 defense. I basically carried our alliance on the defense category. Anyway, I like the vibes you guys give off, but how are you doing on on the alliance missions? I’m looking for a group that isn’t super serious but still active enough to succeed on the missions.


3 and 2 same as you got in your current alliance. We would love it if you joined up with us. Just PM me your info so I can send you a request or vice versa


Request sent.

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