Looking for an alliance or player with epic titanoboa

Have a pretty active but laid back alliance with one open spot. We donate to each other and tend to hit level 4-5 on the team challenges.

Thing is, none of us got enough dna for the epic titanoboa. So we don’t care how active you are or what level you are as long as you put the snake in a sanctuary for us.

Alternatively, I’m level 20 with just under 5000 trophies, a team averaging level 23 and a bunch of rare dna to donate to an alliance that has titanoboa.

I’d also be down with temporary recruitment. Whatever it takes since the snake and its hybrids are just about the only creatures I’m missing.

Me and a team mate often put a titanoboa gen 1 in our sanctuary, it just reset today though, ao might take a bit to get up, if you wanna come and get some dna and if you have titanoboa it would be appreciated if u could put it in sanctuary too, alliance is: AustCorpGen2