Looking for an alliance please anyone?

Hey all i am looking for a new alliance and please be a good community and i want to be with people better than me and some that are worse than me . i am lvl 12 almost 13 and i can do tournaments and i play daily and i have discord. be a good alliance. Thanks noodles

Hey! We have a lot of level 20s and a few at you level. The main thing we want to have is people who play in the arena. We need those incubators to get higher ranks. So that’s a Big thing. Do you do that.?
Whats your player name in the game?

My ign is Mrnoodles234#6684

Hi, your welcome to join our alliance “Apex Anka”. and I think you will fit well with our bunch. Already sent an invite. Baybars #9922

I thought you were joining my alliance @Mr_Noodles :grin:

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