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Looking for an alliance? Take a look at BoneWars!

We are BoneWars, an alliance full of active players who are improving all the time! We welcome players from all over the world (you still need to be able to read and speak/type English)
We have been hitting 9/10 on weekly incubators for a while, we are trying to push to 10/10 (we got really close last week) which is part of the reason why we have just removed 5 less active members recently.

We have always been top 100 in the tournament, we did hit 500k (tier 9) last season, and we are planning on hitting tier 9 every month! We have a few elite members who constantly get into top 500, while our best member ranked 3rd overall not long ago!

We have a famous YouTuber in our alliance, (see for yourself but don’t disturb him please)
We also have a discord for all our members, it’s a place to chat, discuss tactics, share ideas, vote for our 3 Lv20 shared sanctuary etc, and it is mandatory to join our server and vote for sanctuary.
You have to be at least 4000 to join our alliance (preferrably 4500+), but what we are looking for right now are tournament players who would do 10 takedowns every single week without a miss and also do your best after your 10 takedowns, we mean you have to be willing to spend time to push your tournament trophy further (we expect everyone to push on a 2x tournament) and if you’re busy we would still expect the 10 takedowns to the least. (If you’re a casual player, this place might not fit you!)

And as mentioned before, you must join our discord before joining our alliance, where you will get to see the detailed rules over there.

Interested? Let us know by commenting below!
Desperate to join an alliance ASAP? try contacting me via discord [ Elliot#8477 ] which I will refer to the leader or contact the leader [ JonathanP#0264 ] directly
Thank you!