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Looking for an alliance that does apex raids

Im an active player in lvl 20 (I play every Day) I really wan’t to unlock a apex creature But my current alliance never wants to raid. I have a lvl 23 boosted poukandactulys which I have seen can beat ceramgnus and mortem with other Dinos. I would really like an active alliance that frequently tries it win apex raids! Just Invite me and I’ll be happy to play!

My player tag is: DaBestAdoom

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I have got 80 Ceramagnus DNA and need more Friends on JWA do you want to be my freind?

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We will defeat everything in our way! So?

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Hey our alliance is full rn but you can join our discord. I will send more info later

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Hello TheNoob

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Hey man what’s up?

Hoosier Explorers is always looking for active players. We use discord and unfortunately for raids its required so everybody is on the same page. Anybody that wants to can join we just ask that you have fun and shoot darts. There is no requirements or anything we just trying to push the exploration missions more than the defense since none of us want to battle in the arena.

Hi, I’m JurassicKim from ClawsUnitedJWA.

We would be happy to have you in ClawsUnitedJWA.
We love to take down all the raid bosses, and we have a well developed Discord server for help, raid strategies, and much more.

I’ll need to know your # tag as well as your player name to send you an invitation.
You can also look me up on discord: klimax#8549

I am guessing that was meant for OP :see_no_evil:. I have my own alliance but sure I’ll add you on discord never hurts to have more friends :slight_smile:

You are welcome to join Goose Gang @Adam_Flodin! Just sent you a private message on the details. ( Top 100 Alliance :eyes: )

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Yes I Wanna be friends!

Whats your player tag

It seems that it is full ):

Sent you a friden request on discord!

My JWA player name is DaBestAdoom#1888

What is your player name and #

The GamePress alliance is excited to expand its family with the creation of the GamePressGen2 alliance! This alliance is catered towards helping people grow in the game in all aspects, with the possibility of moving up towards the original GamePress alliance.

We offer:

  • Weekly rewards and Alliance Championship rewards constantly going up
  • Access to mentoring and Tournament help from members of the GP alliance
  • At least 2 level 20 Sanctuaries due to our Shared Sanctuary Co-Op
  • Raiding help
  • A fun environment to help you grow
  • Access to our exclusive Discord server

What we would like from you:

  • Enthusiasm to learn and grow in the game
  • Keen to be part of a team
  • Be a Tournament eligible player and do your takedowns
  • Be on Discord so we can communicate with you easily

If you want to apply, please contact me on here , Trezz24#9854, Shyvalry#5138, or Sarahmguy#3716 on Discord.

This one is also full

Hi Adam , GamePressGen2 has spaces . You’d be better off contacting one of the Officers on Discord . That way they can invite you .

Kind regards .

Can I add you as a friend on JWA? I would like to attempt the cramagnus boss (:smile:

We can make space in GG1 or in our sister alliance GG2. However can you please friend me on discord so we can discuss your application. MINMI#1112

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