Looking for an alliance to join please

I would like to join a alliance that is active, donates and has strong members.My name is Jaxton and my number is #6443

There may be a spot in ClawsUnitedJWA, provided you

  • play tournaments and get 10 takedowns every week
  • join and contribute in our Discord server
  • comply with sanctuary rules
  • be friendly and have fun

Please contact me on Discord to get more info: klimax#8549

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I have contacted you on discord and have registered to join your alliance

Hi if there isn’t a spot in ClawsUnited, there is a spot in “JP3 is the best one”, similar rules

  • Tournaments and 10 takedowns
  • Good active discord server
  • 3 level 20 sanctuaries with placement rules
  • Home of the number 1 Tournament player*

*for 2 hours :wink:

Let me know if interested