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Looking for an alliance to join today that regularly get rank 4 on incubators


I have 4000+ trophies and always active nd my gf has 2200+ trophies and always active, send me alliance name if interested for us to join, LOOKONG TO JOIN ALLIANCE TODAY


You’re welcome at ours but not yet rank 4 but working on it😁. Have 2 open spots and at the end of the week some more (spring cleaning) . Always looking and welcoming active members.

So if you wanna join us to make that happens that would be great

And by the wat I’m going tot rank 5 with hopefully after cleaning 50 active members :wink:

My alliance is ClawsUnitedJWA and we’re an international alliance


We from Internationaldinos are happy to welcome you if stiol searching for an alliance. Currently we are rank 4 on defense mission and reach rank 5 on exploration when we sont get the rare dna mission. If we get the rare dna mission we reach rank 4


Feel free to join my alliance! It’s called “TheLegends”!
We are a friendly, very active alliance! We always do our best on missions and friendly battles! We give advice, friendly support, and more! What’s your user?

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Alienpredator we normally get rank 4, though we have got rank 3 once before tbh.


We currently have 2 spots open in my alliance. Steady 4/4 in alliance missions but have gotten 5 in exploration. Check out Praguesaurus


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Yesterday I observed that they were receiving people to their alliance. My son and I have submitted an application to belong to The Legends. We have one day left to be accepted. our names are jazz and magpato. I hope we receive. Thank you.

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