Looking for an alliance to join

Level 12 here. Recently had to abandon my old alliance. It was a really good one for a while but once the old leader left without warning, it began to crumble and people participated less and less and just expected people to give them free dna. I would like to be in a more active, team oriented group. Currently at 2700 trophies if that’s a big deal. Just trying to find a new home.

You could join our Alliance called The Black Order. We re not the best alliance but we are nice and keen on helping each other.
We just cleaned the alliance getting out those who stopped playing so we have room for new player who are willing to get better and help us.

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Strangely enough it isn’t letting me find your alliance in the search. I’ll try it again to see if it’s just the game lagging

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It’s giving me a hard time searching for it but I’ll try it again it might just be a lag

You’re welcome in JWA Suriname. We have some L20’s but also many lower levels. We are 5/4, active. strategical. Donate when you request, not obligatory. We have a chat group on messenger.
We have 1 free spot now. Send me your player name with the four numbers (#1234) and I can send an invite. Otherwise find us and reqyest to join! I’m Waaigirl by the way

If you have at least one legendary you can put in a request for “Indominous Nerds”

Jurassic Extinction is actively seeking players. PM me your player name and tag numbers.

DinoSpawns is looking for active players

JWA Suriname may be the alliance you’re looking for. We are 5/4, strategic on alliance missions, we have a chat group on Messenger, and we have a nice variation in levels. We are not looking for L20’s to join us, but specifically for people who like to play, want to grow and have fun.
We’ll have spots open on Monday, so if you’d like to wait a bit? We’d love to have you.