Looking for an Alliance uk base

I’m looking for a Uk base all speaking english Alliance. Who are more active in the Morning, Afternoon to early evening. I’m willing to except lvl 20 sancs. Just as long i can use my own sanc in my area & put my own creature in it.The Alliance need to have discord server for good raid chat.
I’m at more then 4000 tropies. Close to getting my 1st Apex. I also help my childs account. Active & get my 10 takedowns in touney before time is runs out

Hi, I’m JurassicKim from ClawsUnitedJWA.

We have a few spots available in our alliance at the moment.

Our focus is being active in a relaxed kind of way.
We love to take down all the raid bosses, and we have a nice Discord server for raid planning, team building, and much more.
We help each other as much as we can.

We are an international alliance, so there will be members online at almost any time. The majority of us are based in western Europe, and are raiding at the times you specify.
Discord language is English only.
There will be no strict sanctuary rules.

Last week we got rank 8/9 in weekly missions, and the latest championship reward was tier 6. With your help we are aiming for even better rewards!

Important rules:

  • play tournaments and get 10 takedowns
  • join our Discord for smooth communication
  • be friendly and have fun

If you have any questions please ask.
Love to hear from you!

Please contact me on discord: klimax#8549