Looking for an Alliance! Very active player!

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently just come back to the game after a bit of time off. Now I’m looking for a very active alliance as the one I’m in at the moment isn’t the pulling it’s weight.

I’m level 13 with a decent team I’d say. Also have 5 friends I can bring with me that are very active as well.

Hi Luke. What sort of Alliance are you looking for? I have just created a new international Alliance, if you are interested in helping to build a great team. It’s called “Genome Exchange”.

Hi Luke, this is JWA Suriname. We are 5/4, help each other and work as a team. Joining our Messenger group is mandatory. We give rewards to top contributors on difficult and/or crucial missions: full bar for any request. Lower level players (ranked 41-50 in our alliance) may request twice for a full bar since they get far less DNA. All donate generous.
Since we have the Messenger group, our alliance has become very tight. Also, when one can’t play for a week, because your grandma is sick, you’re having a baby, holiday, whatever, it’s good to share that info as this temporary inactivity may never be a reason to be kicked out.
Trying for 5/5 this week. Send me a PM if you’re interested, we’ll have some spots opening up later this week as 14 members refuse to join the messenger group - selfish and boycotting their own alliance.

Hello! I’m searching for some very active players! I recently took leadership of the alliance United Nations and I’m trying to make the best team again!
Discord is a must, because that communicates easily :slight_smile:


I think I’ve Dm’d you aha @Waaigirl
I’ve added you as well on JWA - Hooper18 :slight_smile: