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Looking for an Alliance who is active on daily bases, especially raids and tournament

Hi, I am looking for an alliance, currently level 12, Trophy 2382, I have 16/17 level red colored dinosaurs. Name GlemBell code: #0728
i am playing daily 2-3 hour, love tournaments (usually have 1000-1500 points) and love raids.
I would like an alliance in which:

  • People are active
  • No 0 trophy player
  • Do raid often and smartly
  • High on Alliance missions
  • Having discord would be nice, but not important.
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One question : 1.000-1.500 points is including the bonus (10 takedown) or you literally reach 1.000 trophies in tournament ?

Including the 10 takedown.

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Hi, You are welcome to join newraptors - Our alliance:

  • People are active
  • No 0 trophy player
  • Raid often
  • High on Alliance missions
  • Have discord

Hi!! We have some room for you. Send us a message here.