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Looking for an alliance with no rules? Then The Dodo Club is for you!

Are you looking for an alliance with no rules?
Do you hate PvP?
Zero Trophy score?
Can’t be bothered with tournaments?
No time for raiding?
Don’t have time to play like pro’s and follow tons of rules?
Need a home for an alt?
Or maybe you’re a low level newbie who still learning the ropes but can’t find an alliance?

The Dodo Club is the Newest addition to LittleFoots Great Valley!

We already have a huge discord community of over 200 JWA enthusiasts

The Dodo Club will be joining its sister alliances LittleFoots and Rampage and run in the great valley for lots of JWA fun.

We will also have the opportunity to have high level sanctuaries, 24 hour raiding, and a whole load of crazy.

Message me LittleFoot#7910 or hop onto our discord

That picture is pretty cute


Excellent alliance for newer players!