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Looking for an alliance with ten or less memebers to merge with mine

The last time i did one of these it was not good so im doing a better and improved text on my alliance

So i only have 6 active players in my alliance and we only get to the bronze incubator if were lucky,please join my alliance i have a lot of dna for good dinosaurs i have 1500 baryonyx gen 2 i have 20,000 tarbosaurus 1000 dilophosaurus,2000 tuijangosaurus
Dna thats is good for top tier dinos

Merge with my alliance or i’ll merge with yoirs and we can get all the top tier incubators

So yeah joiny alliance we need active players and have a good day
The alliance name is Activedinos Or if you want my alliance to merge with yours drop you alliance name down below or join mine

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An idea, so what if you changed the title to “Alliances with 10 or less members please look”
Looking to merge a few smaller alliances together to reach maximum capacity and goals. Leader TBD and no trophy count minimum requirements. Must be active daily and complete daily missions as well as a dbi to keep mission challenges fair for all. Just a thought! Good luck!


You can join my alliance, CrimsonAngels
We only have 6 members

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The people in my alliance won’t leave,would you join mine?

Do either of you have discord? Crimson Active Dinos :slightly_smiling_face: you will be surprised how open people will be to create a larger gang.

Could we join your alliance or would you join ours, id prefer you to join mine but i dont mind

We all filled our alliances by recruiting new members.

It looks like no one wants to give up theirs, try recruiting individual players.

I have DINO P R O! We are only 8 but active!

Would have joined yours but I need to have the alliance active due to a promice to ny little nephew :slight_smile:

Would love for us to merge if you could!

Everyone is welcome to join my alliance, CrimsonAngels (I am not the leader just trying to get more members to help out)

Do you want to join our alliance JurassicHaven? we reach Rank 4/3 and have 11 inactive players to be replaced, join us and grow with us.

Just removed 10+ inactive players, looking for daily players and players who like to hunt. Look us up
angel squad

I’ve just been chatting to my 10 members about this. Please can we talk merging with you. We are 3/2 sometimes 4/3. No discord etc as all are rather casual players. Joe1JJ is the alliance name. Thanks

Hi. Have you made a decision on this. I really would like to merge asap. Thank you

Hi. ARE YOU STILL wanting to merge

Hey if anyone on this chat with 10 or less members in their alliance want to join ours we’d love to have you. We are 4/3 and will have 10 openings before wknd is over.