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Looking for an Ally

I’m new on this game (level 4) but I’m a very active player.
I’m looking for an active ally, where I can growth and be useful to the ally.

Specialized Hunters are looking for new members. There’s only 3 of us, but we were able to get to rank 3 on the exploration and rank 2 on defense alliance missions.

You can join “TheLegends”!
We are a friendly active alliance! We are always doing sweeps to inactive players, and we do everything we can!
We are always doing alliance missions and donations!
I would like to know your user so I know which one you are, so I know to accept.

I run the alliance myself, my ingame name is Master.

If you haven’t already picked one, PourNo4PyroRapTors is definitely looking for new members. Being active is more important than being a high level.

we have room here at hAwX Genetics!!! We are growing ourselves come be apart of the Family!! I have experience in building winning groups in games. I have a well-established crew in CSR 2 that ranks in the top 750 in the world… looking to grow my Alliance on the same foundation and guidelines