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Looking for an answer to an honest question

Everyone know that arena is awful, but how is it that i can be repeatedly matched against players’ whose entire team is about 3-4 levels higher than my strongest dino, (giving me no hope of winning), yet I have never been matched with someone whose entire time is 3-4 levels lower than my weakest dino? it seems like mathematically it should go both ways right? Does someone else out there experience the opposite and repeatedly get matched with mid tier players while they have a team full of upper level dinos? do any of you with mid tier teams repeatedly get matched with brand new players?

will this ever be fixed?

Change up your team, even just the way they are arranged, maybe throw in one weak dino

I’ve often thought the same thing, and I have never faced a team where I think they were way below mine.

I know lots of players deliberately put two or three rubbish dinos in their team in order to match with ‘beatable’ players.

I don’t want to do that, I worked really hard to get my team to where it is, and to put weak dinos in just to get a few wins seems pointless.

What would be nice though would be a matchmaking system that allows us to use our best teams and get a 50/50 or better win to lose ratio. Matches against teams consistently boosted higher, and three or four levels higher is destroying the player base. So many don’t go into the arena now unless they have to.

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Matchmaking hoses me every time. Ive gone from 3600 down to 2800 in the blink of an eye. At one point i lost 38 in a row. I lose about 50-80 trophies in one lost battle and gain about 5-15 when i win. It’s really boring facing the same dinos with speeds in the 140s-150s range; absurd hit power in the 2000s and life in the 4000s-5000s. Ive tried to change my team and the same things happen. I’d say just get used to it sadly.

The worst part about matchmaking is that no matter where you are in trophy count all you do is face the same players. Doesn’t matter if you drop 1000 trophies. Next time you play the arena you face the same people as when you were higher. It’s stupid and makes absolutely no sense

Supposedly the rarity of a Dino matters.

If we took a random player of the game and asked if a level 22 Indoraptor was better than a level 26 Trex I think you know the answer we’d get -on average from a typical player-. So therefore there is nothing wrong with matching you against a player whose Trex one-shots your Indoraptor on round one. Keep in mind people who complained that it is not ok to be punished for leveling up. There has to be a flip side.

I’ve had my team wiped a couple times by getting back draw when my opponent set up a level 30 Einosuchus.

I’ve also had matches where at least two of my Dinos were 4 levels higher than the highest the enemy had in their entire team.

I really doubt it will be fixed because people tend to want their way and aren’t willing to suffer for it. By that I mean if you want someone within your range and at that particular moment there isn’t someone ready to battle. Those poor people who were in the top arena used to complain they had to wait 10 minutes to find a single opponent.

I see some of what your saying, but my team has a level 23 common at highest level, and the rest are 20-22 rares and epics, so when i’m against a guy whose lowest is a level 24 indorapter that can oneshot all of my dinos (due to maxed out attack boosts) is seems unbalanced, especially when his whole team is uniques and i don’t have a single unique. There has got to be players closer to my level for me to be matched with, same for the other guy he should be paired with someone in the mid/upper 20’s not lower. I would rather wait an extra 30 seconds to be matched fairly or retry after the 1 minute time out.
I don’t see your point at all with regards to people wanting their way, the bad balancing system is making everyone suffer for it, and less people are playing because of that, exactly the opposite of what you are claiming. I am not top tear and shouldn’t have to wait 10 minutes. I am free to play though so I understand paying players getting to the top faster, but why am i still matched with them after they have long ago past my teams combat ability.

What I meant was we have two groups in clear opposition to each other.

Level doesn’t matter
I’m tired of being overpowered.

Since these groups do not attack each other (I don’t mean in game) there really can’t be a winner.

You got overpowered and call it unfair.
If I scroll down I’ll find a post about how someone should, after leveling up, crush weak people until they reach the next arena.

How can there possibly be a system to handle both?

In the last no hybrids tournament I got crushed by people with things such as: Lv 30 TRex, Lv 30 Miragaia and Level 30 Tanycolagreus. What opponent gets to face them in a non-tournament battle? Is it fair for them to face someone with a level 30 Thor and Tryko?

It’s not just boosts. a Level 30 Miragaia unboosted will wreck a level 25 unboosted Stegodeus, rightfully so at that.