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Is it possible for a stegoceratops to hit five times in a row during a battle and all of them stun every time?

Yup… Really unlucky for you, but yes possible.

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I don’t see how when there is supposed to be a cool down time for certain moves

Yes! I was once a victim back in the days of Sorna Marshes! :sweat_smile:

I try the constant stun moves and never get that lucky

There is no cool down for stuns by different attack moves. Your opponent got extremely lucky with his basic attacks. I totally know how you feel cuz I yelled :cow2: :poop: when it happened to me!

It’s normal strike got 10% stunning chance.
While 2 special stunning skills in cooldown, you might still possibly been stunned by simple strike.

Actually I went and looked and it did say the stun was cool down for 1 move

Then that individual just got super lucky

Not to take away from your pain…cause, yeah, that sucks big time when it happens. But if you go diving through some older threads, there’s a few where people report being stunned 9-10 times in a row by Stegoceratops ><

Its appends to me too many times and when i make the same nothing. Its the politics of ludia. I give up the game. At the moment i don’t fight at the end the incubaters don’t give anything you need. The game turns scrap.

I’ve been in both ends of this…
It is soooo coool/really annoying !! :smile::sob:

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I actually feel legit bad when I start pulling off chains of stuns using moves that have that chance, but really shouldn’t stun more than once in random while. Mostly cause I know how it feels to be on the other end of said chain ><

I’ve done it. legit.
Basic move (minimal stunning strike) has a 10% chance, but I’ve nailed the opponent with Greater (75% chance) Stunning (33% chance) and then peppered them with minimal (10% chance) where it stunned every single time.

Everyone ignores how many times they got hit with greater stunning strike and the dino shrugs it off… yet they remember when they get stunned with a 10% chance…

I have tried to eleminate rng from my team as much as possible.
Its not really enjoyable to win purely based on rngeesus.
If anything it leads to unnecessary stress

I’ve missed plenty of greater stunning strikes too… In my experience it seems the 10%, 33% and 75% hold true

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