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Looking for casual family friendly alliance to join

Hi there. I have done a couple of searches for family friendly alliances however can’t find anything recent and the ones I did find are full. I was hoping to find a casual alliance to join with my son, he’s only 9 and doesn’t have his own phone so he only gets to play on his account when he uses his mom’s phone. We had started our own alliance but with just the two of us we were only able to reach level 1 on a weekly basis. Thanks for taking a look and hope to hear from you soon!

BubbaBendy #0030

Hi! We have space in our alliance, “arrapapins”. We don’t use chat very often and have no problems with either levels nor points in pvp, only some participation with the donations.

Hey there Bendy, there’s a great FB group called Jurassic World Alive Alliances. Post all the things you’re looking for, and I bet you will receive a lot of invites for something that meets your criteria. Good luck!

We have a spot open at JWA MISSOURI. Small family guild. My son and I can get a few ranks by ourselves. We would love to have you.

RaptorInternational is our very chill family of 6 alliance. Two adults, four kids.

We are super casual and sometimes life gets away from us and we don’t play much. We’ve never achieved level 3 on exploration, but have always attained level 2 (sometimes monday morning :D). We sometimes miss Level two on battling, because the kids don’t always get their daily incubators in.

if you want a little bit of ‘easy living’ jump on in, a few extra semi-active players may bounce us up a bit. :smiley:

Probably won’t be too much DNA exchanging going on though. I’m usually trying to give the good stuff to my own kids, or hording it for myself :smiley: But might be able to work something out.

DinoSpawns is a family friendly alliance. We are fairly new and just getting started!!