Looking For Casual Players to Join US Alliance

My alliance has died as the leader has gone AWOL. :frowning:
I’m a level 20 player with 4,000 trophies and I play daily, filling all of my goals and have not missed hitting them for as long as I can recall.
I donate DNA when the requests come in that I can fulfill and even do the hated friendly battles.
While I have done the VIP on occasion, I am not going to spend money to make goals.
I just want to be part of an ACTIVE alliance that puts effort into reaching the alliance goals.

So I created a new alliance called the Shivae Alliance for those who do similar and are ‘casual’ as in just show up and play without the stress of being the ‘best’ and paying for it.

Hello, I’m a new player I’m at level 8 and and around 900 trophies. I was wondering if I could join along with my wife and friend. I’m currently in an alliance, but it has no activity. My gamer tag is Masian1492 #0368.

Certainly. When I was starting out finding a good alliance was not exaclty a fun process! :smiley: I just want active members. It doesn’t matter the level.