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Looking for casual yet active alliance (found!)

It’s the old story of the alliance I’m in just isn’t doing it for me anymore, and it feels like it’s just me and about two or three others who are pulling all the weight in the Alliance Missions :confused:

I play fairly casually, but I always do my daily battle incubator and try my hardest to complete the daily missions. Dart what I can, when I can, and also donate dna providing I don’t also need said dna.

I’ve been playing for a few months and is currently level 12 and hover between 2450 and 2300 trophies depending on how nice the matchmaking is feeling (also sitting here in Badlands for the exclusive dino dna)

I also live in Australia and is open to discord if it’s needed.

Hi! We are an international 5-4 alliance and I could make room for you after weekly rewards are given out tomorrow. We work with several other alliances to get a level 20 co-op sanctuary as well. Would appreciate it if you would join our Discord for easier communication. Please look me up on Discord if you’re interested in joining us : Moeneek02#1601 :blush:

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:0 oh awesome thank you! I’ll send you a pm on Discord.

edit: I’m Raz#5512 over on discord

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If you are still searching for an active alliance: Fabosaurus