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Looking for Competitive/ serious players

Hello and good day people.

We are the RampagingBirds, a raid loving competitive alliance. We usually are a top alliance and we are currently trying to expand ourselves and go even higher up, hence, we are looking for players that are committed to this game so we can go to the top.

If you are interested in joining we ask that you contact us via Discord:

@TK14#5335 , @Osoiretsim#4628

We offer high weekly rewards, usual high championship rewards too, good DNA giving in the game requests and overall access to our Discord group full of cash links and Raid guides.

What do we look for a player?

Contribute to the alliance overall, fighting, hunting, doing more than the minimum (including tournaments’ 10 creature beat down) and use Discord as we do lot’s of raids.

We want players that want to earn a permanent stay. If you are interested in that and want to be part of a rising top alliance full of awesome people, feel free to contact us!

may I ask why you made the same post 3 diff times but with different titles?

Of course Snake_Dude.

I did with 3 different names because the forums didn’t let me do it with the same title.

If you mean about the repeated message, it’s because some time ago we didn’t have much luck with posting it in only the alliance section.

If the repeated message annoys you, I’ll be sure to not repeat them again.

Actually, good timing. Are you the one that does the creature drawings?

I really like your style.

Do you really draw all that is requested or just the ones you like best?

Its not that it annoys me, I was just curious, and yes I do the hybrid drawing requests, thank you, and I complete every request on the thread from the hybrid requests to redesigns and now apparently drawing my take on other that aren’t hybrid creatures

I am curious now as how you are able to deliver all of those drawings quickly haha, is it much time consuming?
I think you art also became popular because of how you design them in a more realistic animal way and it shows by how many drawings you receive, even non hybrids now, so good work.

I created some movesets for some creatures and what I love the most is creating their description, hopefully if in the future I show them too, it could inspire something.

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SOOOOO, I have done 2-15 drawings per day depending on what I am doing. I just do the drawings as a “hobby” or whenever I have spare time and I’m bored. It all goes by really quickly when I can draw at my desk with some sort of beverage on the side with Netflix up and running. I do feel like requests have slowed down a bit but that doesn’t really bother me, and as for realism, idk weather to do hybrids that look sorta realistic like a snake with limbs or just do it JWA style with just one model rig thing. Also, thank you!!!