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Looking for dutch/ belgium active players

We are an very active alliance with members that play daily and share the dna the can miss. We started the alliance with a small group of friends and since then we are aiming to become on the biggest dutch speaking alliance there is.

So if you speak surch and want to join a very active alliance join us “the sons of brabant”.

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Cant seem to find your alliance…

Oeps it is sons of brabant not the sons of brabant my mistake sorry

SONS OF BRABANT … seeking new members!

If you speak dutch and would like to join an active alliance, feel free to join. We currently are an alliance with members in between the 2500-5000 trophy range and have enough room for new members.

The clan search seems broken to me, maybe add me as a friend?

We have recently merged with an other dutch alliance. If you want I will add you as a friend and add you to this new alliance. Sorry I forgot to mention it on here btw from the merge😅

Alright, I’ll join after these weeks rewards…


Great then I will add you monday morning. We will be aiming. For L5 which we this week will probably just miss out on or just enough to reach it. So extra help is always wanted :+1:

Hello, nog steeds aan t spleen?

Hi, I’m from Brabant as well and would like to join. Please send a friend request : Dennis#3409

I’m from Lummen, let me know if you want to go hunting sometimes.