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Looking for european 5/4 alliance with chat

Hey all

Im looking for a friendly, active alliance, that used a chat app (discord, line - whatever)
From denmark so a European based alliance is prefered.

Im currently at 5075 trophies. Hover around 4900-5100 depending on my luck :slight_smile:
Im daily active and always donate what i feel i can spare

Looking forward to hear from you

Hey @Galahad ! Gonna send you a pm

We’re not European based but there are many players from Europe in our alliance and we use discord for better communication. We’re “Lords of Jurassic World”. Consistently hitting 5/4 every week. If you’re interested then message me.

Our current week progress so far

I can only suggest Michigan Monsters, lead by @Steph. They have a lot Members from Europe over there.

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Hi, you’re welcome to come say hi in our alliance discord server. We’re international ranging from Singapore to India to the USA but most our members are in Europe despite the name Michigan Monsters. @BlackBeard2412 is a friend of the alliance so even if you join another one, you are welcome to stay and chat. Just drop me a line at Steph#2626

Either way, good luck and happy hunting!

Thanks for the offers guys.
Unfortunate Ive already found a new home :slight_smile: