Looking for friendly casual alliance

I’m Level 13 currently at 3350 trophies, I don’t have time to be hardcore but will for sure do the minimum of:

  • DBI
  • 10 kills in tourney
  • generous donator
  • participate in raids whenever available
  • can join disc too (English only please)

Would love a 10/10 Alliance that’s casual and friendly

Reply here or on disc Yfari#7219

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goblet of fire would be good for you

I would suggest just needed an alliance. Im in this one right now and we accept level 10+. If you can tell me your username ill send you a friend request and ask our alliance leader if you can join. Discord is not a must but there is a discord alliance chat for raids etc.

I’d be more than happy to invite you to mine. Shoot me a friend request in discord if you are interested. We have plenty of high level players. Are very active and participate in all tournaments and raids. Let me know if you are interested. Discord is Dartanyo#5204

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When you said a 10/10 alliance, did you mean 10/10 weekly incubators? Cuz that would be the opposite of a casual alliance, lol. With that said, my alliance gets 9/10 (so, close enough!) with Tier 6 in tournaments. We will be glad to have you as long as you are active on Discord!

Sorry i dont have discord…

I’m assuming they’re referring to Yfari.

Thanks for all the replies and I found a new home, appreciate your offers guys and sorry for any inconveniences

Alliance Wildcats. Wellcome)

you can join my alliance- harry potter alliance
anyone can join our alliance

We would love to have you in our Alliance (IndominusChomp). We accept everyone lol. Check us out.

YesClan could use more players that are active. I have been kicking players due to not playing for a month or more at a time