Looking for Future Apex Raiders


I am looking for potential association with other raiders to take on Apex Raids. I want to make my own private group or help others just do raids and coordinate together to win. Please refer to pictures on how successful I currently am with these raids.

I want to prepare for next week and hopefully you can contact me asap to coordinate time and strategy. I also make my own strategy infographics and make pngs if anybody needs me to make one.

How to contact me? Pick any. Text will be much easier if you are ok with it.

  1. Send me a DM here.
  2. Email: -moderated-
  3. Text only: -moderated-

What I need? If you have any of them or close to what I need.

Mortem Rex: (recommended)

  1. Tenontorex lvl 25+ (enough attack boost)
  2. Indoraptor gen 2 lvl 25+ (HP over 4500)
  3. Trysonix lvl 25+ (HP boosted ok)
  4. Tuoromoloch 25+ (unboosted ok)
  5. Ardentist lvl 27+ ( attack over 1800)

Hadros Lux: (recommended)

  1. Thor lvl 25+
  2. Dilo lv 26+
  3. Tuoromoloch 25+ (unboosted ok)

Ceramagnus: Recommended

  1. Thor 28+ (attack boosted)
  2. Arden 27+ (Attack over 1800)
  3. Diorajasaur 26+ (HP boosted)
  4. Dilo 27+ (HP and attack boosted)

Side ones:

  1. Erlidomimus
  2. Erkly

We can work things out. After all, I strategize for my current alliance.

Any questions, comments or concerns, talk to me.

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im guessing undiscovered is ceramagnus

welp. i have none of those…

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True. Found the information on that dino and made up a strategy to take it down.

Do you have any of the dinos at close levels?

i dont have anything above 15 and almost have my first legendary: tragodistis so…

Awww. Youll get there eventually. :slight_smile:

I faith in yah.

I have Thor 29 boosted and Tryo 25 boosted.

SeminoleBrawler #4434

Ill send a dm.

I have Tuora level 26 with a few health boosts, also have a few Lux and Morty raids under my belt. My Alliance members are well coordinate together and we have multiple strats to take down either.

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply. Forgot my log in info. Darn shame from my part. New here.

Excellent! Ill join your discord as well if needed. Im working on powering my arden asap to use in case my thor or dilo is not needed.

Can I drop my email in case I can’t use Ludia forum?

We take MR down weekly (within 1-2 attempts)with creatures at lower levels and less boosts. Guess it depends on which strategy you use.

HL can easily be taken down with lower stats (we use the Porcus instead of Thor but both will do the trick) probably also depends on strategy

All others we take down with just about any team.

It’s a good idea to team up we do that with another alliance. It’s nice to have the same people to raid with weekly cause all know which time they should be online, know which creature to use and which strategy to apply. I wish you good luck and happy raiding :blush::ok_hand:

Thanx for the advice and support. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I wish I can use my mew heart emoji here from discord. Lol

Will it be possible to join you guys?

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Just a friendly reminder not to share personal information, like your email, on the forums :slight_smile: Good luck with your raid!


Of course you can. I’ll send you my discord name by PM find me and We’ll set something up

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