Looking for good allianc(help would be useful)

Hello all. I’m a player who’s at player lvl 13, 4254 trophies, and a decent contributor to tournaments. I already have two uniques and pretty good creatures on the rest of my team too. I am looking for an alliance that gets to around tier 9(gold 1) in the tournaments, and that’s really all i ask for, so if there’s any alliance leaders out there, or just people that would love to recommened an alliance, I would appreciate it a lot if i could get some help joining an alliance like that.

Do you score 2k per tournament?

I was just going to ask the same question.

Any player who can bring 10000 points in a 4 week season will find a spot in a T9 alliance.
Otherwise there is a mathematical problem for the alliance.
We have accepted players with fewer trophies who easily met that criteria.

Otherwise there are opportunities to join a ‘sister’ alliance, where progress can be supported, and obviously rewarded in time.

It’s usually better to explain what you can offer to an alliance, instead of starting with your requirements.
Many alliances are recruiting right now. This is a great place to get noticed.

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Your requirements are actually quite high, so almost no alliance will agree. With tournaments in 4 weeks, to reach the 9th level reward, on average, each person must reach 1000 points (excluding bonus rewards). For new players I’m sure you can’t get 1000 points in advantage tournaments because you have to play long to get at least strong dinos above level 20. As for skill tournaments you also need dinos suitable (you may not have unlocked them yet) and you must be a person with good tactical ability