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Looking for greatness

(Update: thnx everyone! I have found a group to join)

Please in desperate for a new active alliance. I have been hopping around for months getting to find one that has more active players. I am level 16 with 3200 trophy count. I play daily logging in usually every hour or so to dart/collect and enjoy battles. Willing to join FB chat or discord if they are used. So if your a great alliance looking for a member who loves to contribute please invite me or message me your group name :slight_smile:


Let’s play! I’ll friend request you

JWA Suriname has 1 open spot at the moment. 5/4. Friendly, flexible, strategic. Two communication channels on Messenger.
I transferred leadership a couple of days ago and I have already informed our new leader; she will contact you ASAP.

I contacted our new leader and she has sent you an invite.
When you accept you’ll see we are at 4/3 now and that we will soon reach 5/4.
Joining our Messenger group is mandatory. packo (leader) wil send you an invite when you have joined our alliance. On the group page you find a pic with text, these are our guidelines. Please download and read.
Questions? Ask!
We look forward to welcoming you.

Thx everyone for the replies! I found a group to join. Anyone else looking there is some good looking groups above