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Looking for help - team review

Just got this guy:

And have to make room. Id like a deck that can consistently stay in top 500 so looking for advice. Im thinking swapping out utasino, but im not sure:

Appreciate any thoughts :slight_smile:

Get Monomimus on your team. I don’t have one yet but I’ve only come across one so far and it took my whole team out.


They are nasty! Fast, immune, nullifying and distracting. Not to mention evasive…

Ive used it before, but my issue is at 16 i cant kill anything :frowning:

How should i make room for it? Maybe drop pyr?

Im actually thinking of benching trago. I just hate his gameplay.

Yeah I’d drop Pyrirritator and Trago and add Mono and Indo.

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I agree with hating Trago gameplay. He just delays the inevitable and makes matches take forever then still gets squashed.

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