Looking for high level Alliance

Looking for an Alliance i can help make better. I am level 16 and im very active. I will help in all events and donate every time i can.

Join Dino dubai (that’s how u spell it no cap for dubai)

That’s where my friends and me are

My alliance would be happy to have you. We get Rank 9 Defence and Rank 10 weekly incubators and Tier 8 in 5-week tournaments.

We are also part of ARK and have 3 Level 20 shared sanctuaries. We can also do all raids within the alliance.

However, Discord activity is mandatory for us. Do you have Discord?

No sorry I don’t have it is that ok because I can get it

Also what is ur alliance name?

I’m lvl 12 and my name is EvilSwinub123

If you can get Discord that would be great. The thing is, we need our members to be active on our Discord server, not just to have Discord. This is especially important for raids.

Also, what happened to Dino Dubai? XD

Alliance Wildcats. Wellcome)

Hey, me and my friend need an alliance if you’ve got space

Do u know what the discord name is?
Just curious since I’m busy I’ll get it tomorrow

Like alliance discord name

Yes we do have space! Let me know your Discord ID.

It should be the same as on here #1521

Alright, request sent!

Sorry for late response my id is #9954


Pls send request I’ve been waiting for 3 DAYS NOW BRUH

The Jurassic Foundation are looking to add a few recruits. We are very active, run all raids daily, achieve T9 defense and T10 exploration missions weekly. We reach T8 on a 4 week and T9 on a 5 week tourney. We have 3 level 20 sanctuaries with our co-op. We require discord! If you are interested please message me on discord Doob89#9755

Cool I might join

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