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Looking for highly active daily players

My alliance, “Timmy What Is It” is recruiting some new members.

We’ve been achieving rank 10 Exploration and previously rank 5 every week of the previous scale.

We have achieved rank 9 on Defense the last 2 weeks and 8 before that with rank 4 on the previous scale.

I am looking for members who will use chat to strategize with us. This is for missions as well as sanctuaries. Members that will use chat to make friends and fellowship and not just for requesting dna. We are family not just players in a game. Using chat to notify someone you’ve given them dna on their request. This helps you receive dna in return when you may have not.

I have just started a discord channel. I am looking for members who will take advantage of the great chat service to better organize and strategize the use of our sanctuaries.

We want to create 2-3 TEAM sanctuaries and not have a huge list of low level sanctuaries. The highest we have reached is 15 and it wasn’t even all members participating and using all items solely on the team sanctuaries.

I am trying to run a very highly active alliance. I want my team playing everyday and participating. I need everyone to battle as it’s our faulting point. At the end of a season starting a new one I need to see your trophy count having trophies within 24 hours from reset. If you aren’t able to play because you’re on holiday/vacation just give a heads up. I remove members who have “1d” or more since last log in.

If you’re interested let me know.


I am experiencing the same things in my clan

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Hi, I would be interested in joining. I started playing a couple of months ago with my kids but they have lost interest. I play daily, am level 9 and trophy count 1110.

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We are looking for a few more members if anyone is interested. Thanks.


i´m interested in joining your alliance. I´m daily active, do at least 200 darts and over 10 battles (depends on work-family-life-balance).
Thx :slight_smile:

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Looking for more highly active players. We are really organizing sanctuaries right now. Discord is great. I’ve been cleaning house. Come join us.

Looking for a new alliance. Currently at 4600 trophies. Highly active.

Hey David I’m recruiting right now. We currently hit 10/9 and are working towards 10/10. We have an active discord server and are working on growing sanctuary skills. Let me know if you’re interested.

Interested. David #0860

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Hey @Phil,

I’m super interested and would love to join a more active alliance. Super active and currently at 5050 trophies.

Swader #8362

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I’m actually looking for the same thing and my allegiance is brand new and I’m looking for active members and and people who will donate plenty. Thanks

It’s called Tyrannosaurus the best

@David_Wilschek friend request sent.

@Swader Accepted friend request and sent invite.

Hello I would like to join your alliance. I am 9 level with the top 2764 trophies. Kraja#8542

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Hi, I’d like to join an alliance. Daily player, currently lvl 12 with 3000 trophies. Started like 2-3 weeks ago and now in search for a very active clan that doesn’t make me discard my requests. I will gladly help and fill up the sanctuary per plan. Oh, and i have discord, so communication is no problem

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Hey thanks for your interest. In regards to discarding your request, there’s no guarantee. I don’t believe we have many frequently. There are variables like time you request, how many others are requesting the same thing at the same time, who else is working on that dino, how much dna people have. These are probably a common variable for almost all alliances though.

Hey Phil,

Interested in joining an Alliance which has good leadership and a strategic vision.

Lvl 18, with 4600 trophies.

I’m on Discord as NomadNik#3016



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