Looking for highly active players

T Wreckz will have some room for new members very soon (probably after Monday’s reset). So what will you get when you’re a member? An alliance that reaches 10/9 or 10/10 without any pushing or rules. A group of people, mainly from Western Europe and the US, that very generously donates dna (we’re keeping track of that, to keep things fair). A great alliance chat (on FB Messenger; we need you to be a part of that in order to communicate about strategy etc.). And last but not least we offer you two shared level 20 sanctuaries.

What are we looking for? Our focus is on three things. Most importantly: donating dna to make each other stronger. We need you to upload your donation lists, so we can keep track of everyone’s donations. Secondly: never place any dinos in the two lvl 20 sanctuaries. We have people coordinating the sanctuaries, and we need you to leave the placing of dinos in those sanctuaries to them (of course you can FIP all dinos to get the dna!). And thirdly: battle, get your dbi’s, contribute to the alliance missions.

Please send me a PM before applying in-game, we need to know who you are first

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Hi, just to share my thoughts.

As a member of an Alliance, the only part that I do not completely agree is the donation. I have observed many times that alliance members normally request for similar DNAs i.e. either Arena exclusive or Event exclusive DNAs. Hence, many times over these requests never get filled. Logically, if we need those DNAs, then, it is reasonable to expect others to require it as well. For that particular reason, I am of the opinion that those who requested for these DNAs are a bit self centric.

So, if you’re the leader, please consider these factors. Sometimes, not that the member do not want to donate. But those DNAs requested are precious to them as well…:blush:

I would love to join. I’m James. I’m a very active member.

We have another spot open, so if anyone wants to join? We’re a 10/10 (sometimes 10/9) alliance and we have 2 level 20 sanctuaries. All we ask is that you donate and battle, really. We’re a friendly bunch of people, with members from Europe, the US, Australia and Asia, so all timezones covered there :wink:
As most of us have been together for months, it would be great if you could too. We’re not looking for alliance hoppers :slight_smile:

Oh, please send a PM first, so we know who you are :slight_smile: