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Looking for members \○/

Hello everybody !

I represent the FrenchGirlsPower alliance… As a man ^^

We are looking for :

  • active members, no pressure here, you can play with your own style, with the time you have, everybody has a life outside the game,

  • girls or boys (!),

  • french or not, we talk english or french depends on the members desires or capacities,

  • active in tournament even so its just for killing 10 dinos (important to help everybody)

  • give dna to help others if you can or want

  • say hi or more if you are happy to live in this world

We don’t have a discord, tchat is enough to coordonate for now.

We want to go as far as we can (with missions and tournament rewards), always in the respect for each other, and progress together.

If you think your are in the same mood, feel free to apply :slight_smile:


How do I join. I’m UK :uk: based

Hi Peter,

Click on the social icon (bottom right), and after the magnifying glass (upper right), search “frenchgirlspower” and I think you’ll have a button to apply :slight_smile:

So there are some problems with the search in game
If you are interested, it’s better to send a DM with your username and 4 numbers associated with.