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Looking for more activity

I’ve been playing about a month and a half. But I have stalled with my current alliance. The leader has been absent for almost a week and a few others as well. I cant do raids solo, I seem to be putting in the most work for alliance goals, and I just want a chance to be better. I’m looking for an active alliance and advice on team building and strategy so I can be better. I have included pictures of my profile as well as my team and dinos. Let me know if you are interested.Screenshot_20210422-033302
Screenshot_20210422-032840 Screenshot_20210422-032848

You can join ours if you want

We have a bunch of nice people willing to help you out and a discord server with raid organising

I have room for you: we required ten takedown I. The tournament weekly and participation in the arena. The alliance is RUN FOSSIL RUN

you know you don’t have to post ur entire collection just ur team and profile works just fine

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Hi @PhoenX83,

Just as an overview of the alliance: 10/8 mission rewards, 8 tier championships, donates max, do tons of raids.

To apply please contact me on discord. MINMI#4136