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Looking for new Ali

Hey looking for a competitive team where everyone at least grind to complete Ali mission above rank 5 on a weekly basis. I’m on daily and always complete all daily missions at hand. Please send a Invite D-nice45. As we say in the usmc team work makes the dream work

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Newraptors has an open slot and is recruiting active daily players. Rank 9 / 10 weekly. Tier 7 incubator for monthly alliance tournament. Looking for active daily players that participate in the weekly tournaments with 10 takedowns. Feel free to send an in game join request to newraptors. No mandatory chat, donate or sanctuary rules, just a great group of players that cover the missions evenly, donate and contribute to a successful alliance !

Thank you, just was recruited by another team

I just requested to join if you’re still looking! :slight_smile: I had a great alliance, however they all spoke Japanese. Looking to be able to actually chat from time to time.

I’m not sure if you are in an alliance but we are looking for an active player as well. TopoftheFoodChain. Always people on chatting. We use discord as well. Usually get 9/10 on weeklys. I’ll send you an invite in case you want to join and check us out. Thanx