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Looking for new alliance asap

Hi people looking for a new alliance I am a casual player but do battle 20+ a day as well as happy to friendly battle
I am level 19 pm if you have a spot please

May I ask what you usually get on alliance missions and do you chat on game or somewhere else as game chat can be hit and miss lol

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You can consider “Lords of Jurassic World” it’s an international alliance and consistently hitting rank 5/4 since the beginning. We’re not so hardcore but friendly and generous. We use both in-game chat and discord for communication. If you’re interested message me and I’ll make a space for you

Come to Scabbers, we hav a high level sanctaury!

More than welcome to DINO P R O!!!

You’re Welcome to join us (twenty after fourasaurus). We can use somebody who is doing battles.
We have an alternative chat.
Send me a message and well invite you.