Looking for new Alliance, US or East Coast preferred

Lv20 player with 4.8K to 4.9K trophies. Looking for an alliance that raids and knocks out weekend tournaments. I am active daily and very active for weekend tournaments. My current alliance doesn’t support my time zone. I have discord.

The time zone thing will be very hard for you to get around. Nearly every active or large alliance has either a minimum of one member that lives “a day ahead” or a group of online friends to fill their raid now itch. As in Sunday is the right time to raid Gorgotrebax and anything else is procrastination.

I’d make suggestions except I don’t know of any alliance where you won’t find activity at 3am every day.

Hi there. LEGION OF CHAOS has one spot open for qualifying players. You can visit our discord recruitment server and we can chat if you are interested in joining us.

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JurassicThunder join to our discord chanel if u havent found an alliance yet. we have everything u need in our alliance
10/9 weekly
tier8/9 4/5 weeks
3x 20l sanctuaries

Hey we have room too. Run Fossil Run, we have some people in every time zone.