Looking for new alliance

I’m pretty upset with my alliance and would like to join a pretty active alliance. I’m on everyday and always contribute. My current alliance has been dragging and I can’t tell who is and who isn’t contributing. I’m looking for an alliance that’s active everyday and at least getting rank 4 of the Exploration alliance incubator. My GT on JWA is xxUNCLEBEARxx. Message me here on the game if you need an active player.

JWA Suriname. We have 1 spot. We are a 5/4 alliance with members in US and Europe, cleaned up recently and all (or almost all) members are very active. Joining our messenger chat is required. Here updates are given on progression as only 2 members open their mission’s rewards from last week and update on progress - and call priorities. At the moment we are at 3/3 for this week.
The chat is also informative and fun.
We have some request to join atm but I’d rather invite someone like you, with some dedication. I’m sick and tired of getting all that trash from other alliances.
Send me you player name and I’ll send you an invite. You are most welcome!

xXUNCLEBEARXx I can’t send you an invite without knowing the 4 numbers after your nickname.
I have several requests at the moment but I do prefer you, so I hope for your quick reply!

My player name is xxUNCLEBEARxx #0980

Still need one?

Sent you a PM if still looking

Pity you replied so late, I had the spot open for 2 days but now it is filled.

As soon as a spot opens up, I’ll get back to you.

The spot is filled but I guess we’ll have some free spots next week. In the meantime we’ve grown, we are strategic, we have a chat on messenger and our members are very happy because they all like the sharing of information and the fun. So keep us in mind!

DinoSpawns has 4 spots open since they were inactive. We are rank 4 alliance with active members!!