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Looking For New Game Friends

I’m an avid fan and player of PUBG but JW alive is my game version of a side chick. I have not put a lot of friends onto the game so I don’t have anyone out there that I regularly play with. Message me your gamer tag and I will friend you so we can play


What is your tag number apparently it’s asking for a tag number as well in order to add a friend. My username is PICKLERICK

Tag 0853 is my number

Potatosaur #4664

Sent the request

I won’t be able to accept until later, I am currently busy. Sry for the delay.

BloodMoon #4480

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No worries just letting you know

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just sent a request

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Hooray! A new friend!


Join our alliance. Only me and my fiance. Both lvl 9. Shes a bit behind me but both are daily players, and will share anything as long as it goes both ways. Lmk

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What is your gamer tag and number to add you or your alliance name

Dinodawgz is alliance and Xbowhunt3rX2 is me. Its only me and my fiance. Trying to build a good sharing team. We can all grow and help eachother

Can I join

MommaPuffin #3986

Hey dyno, dont be sorry! Happy for u!