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Looking For new player to mentor

i know the update isn’t out meaning the mentor feature isn’t in-game but im looking for any new players who want me to be there mentor when it comes out today

im in ruin, im level 16, i have at least 3900 trophies (i never been to aviary so it between 3900 and 4000 lol)

i can also teach about the meta, matchups, help with raids when i can, we could just hang out and other thing

thx for listening hope you choose me as your mentor


Sure why not

Cool, my discord is PestyPotato#2340

All right cool

I would think level 16 would be looking for a mentor, bot being one

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what do you mean “bot being one”?

So what? Give them a try.

We have 20 levels. Why shouldn’t a lvl 16 be mentoring a new player?

Of course a lvl 20 player can just ignore the question :slight_smile:

probably not being one

I didnt mean anything disrespectful about it, just seemed odd when I read the title. Was expecting a level 20 5500+ trophy, so the “I just got my first legendary and thought I should start giving back to the community” seemed funny


Release notes say:

A level 16 player cannot be recruited.

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That makes sense, I would have thought mentors have to be level 20 and beginners would have to be 10 or down

sry, i want to be a memtor is to talk and help other about jwa and other things, and the reward lol

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Naw its fantastic and you certainly are high enough level to show the ins and outs of the game. I didnt mean it as an insult or anything

sry if i upseted you in any way

Isn’t the “mentor” part only for new players, or inactive players below level 5? So what’s the point in asking here?

the mentor also get rewards, so both the new player and mentor benifit

That was not my point. You have to find someone who is NEW or INACTIVE FOR 3 MONTHS - I doubt anyone like that will be here.

:rofl::rofl: There’is many level 20 whit 6000 trophies

So people can now mentor their alt accounts? Surely Ludia wouldn’t want to encourage players to create alts :thinking:


In the light of Ludia being bought it’s probably better to have new joiners for the stock options of the management team…